The Matlock Clinic

26 Brook Cottage, Matlock Green, Matlock, DE4 3BT.

Call 01629 888323 to make an appointment.

The Bedford Clinic

160 Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK42 8BH.

Call 01234 853444 to make an appointment.

The Sheffield Clinic

Lynda V Price, 772-774 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8TB.

Call 01143 603 888 to make an appointment.



So Healthy is very pleased to announce that we are able to offer HeartSpeak at our Matlock, Bedford and Sheffield clinics!

HeartSpeak headerHeartSpeak is a personal non-invasive treatment that works with both the logical and emotional parts of the brain in order to relieve and reduce stress and harmful emotions. With the idea that emotional issues may manifest themselves physically and so therefore can be dealt with through using a simple muscle test. It helps to break patterns of behaviour by listening to your heart and emotions rather than fighting against them, helping to block the stresses.

Therapy sessions are short and personal and can help deal with issues within the 20 minute session

Available at all clinics. Please call 01629 888323 (Matlock), 01234 853444 (Bedford) or 01143 603 888 (Sheffield) to enquire or make an appointment.